Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Hump Day!!!

I feel so overwellmed and very busy for the next few days! Here are a few on my list:

- take kids to get haircuts tonight
- work everyday
- check out another one of the Highschools in the area (my DS is heading to HS next year)
- make desicison which HS to go to
- work on a few layouts for different challenges
- get ready for my class on the 26th
- Ladies night this Friday night (thank goodness)
- decide what to do for Valentines
- clean, clean, clean

and the list goes on. How is your list looking? My just always seems to add up more and more everyday.
That's ok though one day at a time!!!!!


  1. Wow it does sound like you have a very busy week! Good Luck to you

  2. the joys of being a mom!! always something on the go!!

  3. When your done cleaning feel free to come clean my house!!! lol