Thursday, May 14, 2009

Long Weekend

Well I have to say I am excited and sad for the long weekend. We usually have our big bash here but this year we decided not to. The weather doesn't usually cooperate for us so we have decided to go to our cottage instead.
I haven't been updating too well on my blog.... bad me! I have a challenge and thought this was a great opportunity to get my butt in gear.
Here is a pick of my children and I having a fun photo shoot with my wonderful photographer (sister, Michelle).
I absolutely love my kids for their kookiness sometimes. We have lots of fun together. Here we told Cody we are going to take some pictures together. At this time no one could EVER get a picture of him smiling. So we told him he had to smile because if we don't get any good pics we will take all day doing pictures. So in this first pic, D and I are messing around and Cody has a great smile!!!!! He is trying his best.....

Michelle is laughing and we are giggling and he is wondering what is going on so checks it out!!!!

Then we told him to be serious!!! LOL! What a fabulous day!

I love my kids so much that there is nothing in this world I wouldn't do for them. I really enjoy the age they are at most of the time since we can do so much together. We act funny, weird, serious and kookie but have a lot of fun!!!!
Love ya both much!!!!


  1. Great pics Anne Marie. He must have thought your two were nuts!!

  2. Those are great pictures. What a blast!!!!